5 Reasons You Keep Gaining Back the Weight You Lose

5 Reasons You Keep Gaining Back the Weight You Lose

Have you ever wondered why you can’t seem to lose weight and lose it for good?

Are you tired of losing weight, only for it to find you again shortly down the road?

Sustainable weight loss isn’t impossible; you just have to avoid these five habits that keep you from being in the best shape of your life.




You’re constantly striving

Before I go into detail, let’s look at the definition of striving.

striving: to exert oneself vigorously; try hard; struggle or fight vigorously.

If you desire to be healthy, or maintain a healthy weight throughout life, things need to feel comfortable. You shouldn’t want to feel like you are constantly fighting just to be healthy. In fact, your journey is supposed to be as easy as it is to breathe.

If your weight loss journey causes more stress than success, then it’s time to re-evaluate. Stride (noun: a step or stage in progress toward an aim) for comfortability.


Where is the enjoyment?

How is your attitude towards exercise and eating healthy majority of the time? Everyone dreads those two things every now and then, but it shouldn’t be a consistent feeling.

Think about the exercise you do throughout the week. Do you enjoy it? Is it fun? Or- are you only doing it because “so-and-so” got amazing results from it?

While we’re at it, take a closer look at your eating habits; Do you only eat healthy to avoid gaining weight, or as a result of eating unhealthy? Are your meals boring? All of these questions should be considered if you find yourself yo-yo dieting.

Ask anyone; it’s hard to stick to anything when you absolutely dread it. Feel free to explore when it comes to exercise and nurtirion. If you enjoy swimming, go for it. If you still want to eat cheeseburger, do it (there are plenty healthy burger recipes, btw!)

Once you get into the groove of doing what you love and loving what you do, your journey will become easier, leading to sustainable, long-term weight loss.


Too much restriction, not enough balance 

There’s nothing wrong with creating a meal plan or making sure you stick to your exercise routine for the week. That’s called being consistent and making smart choices. 

But, if you begin to think you can never skip a workout or eat perfectly all the time, you’ve got another thing coming. 

This healthy lifestyle journey should be about balance, and not being too restrictive. So, don’t feel bad about that birthday cake you ate at a friend’s party. I promise you it won’t ruin or undo any progress you’ve made. If anything, it will actually help you stick to your goals for the long haul because you aren’t constantly depriving yourself.

Your journey should not have an end date. This lifestyle change is supposed to be for life, remember? Aim for balance, and enjoy some pizza every now and then.


Your weight is constantly up and down

Consistently losing weight just to gain it back is something no one should want to go through in life. It’s also bad for your health. 

Not being able to reach a certain weight and stay there shows that something is lacking in your journey. Whether you are allowing yourself too many unhealthy foods, you’re not showing up in the gym consistently, or maintaining your current weight is unrealistic- it’s worth evaluating.

This reason trickles back to the past three listed above. It is hard for anyone to maintain their weight loss when they aren’t enjoying the journey or they are always restricting and depriving themselves. It’s benefical to go back to the drawing board in order to find what’s going to help you stick to your goals for the long run. 


Beware the All-or-Nothing Mindset 

When embarking a new workout program or meal plan, most people go in with an all-or-nothing attitude. We meal prep, get our workout clothes ready, and vow to start on Monday with a bang. Sound familiar?  

We go strong for a week, or two, or maybe even several months. Eventually, one “cheat meal” leads to an entire week of bad eating choices, and over time we somehow find ourselves back at where we started – frustrated, discouraged, and feeling like a failure in the midst of looking for the next best thing that will get you in shape. 

Creating long-lasting healthy habits take time. It does not happen overnight or even over a course of few months. Allow yourself to make mistakes. It’s the only way you will learn what works best for you and what doesn’t. Perfection doesn’t exist, so stop aiming for it. Take your journey one day at a time. Whenever you fall off the healthy lifestlye bandwagon (because it’s inevitable), don’t just lie there feeling defeated. Get back up, dust yourself off, re-evaluate, and keep going! 





10 thoughts on “5 Reasons You Keep Gaining Back the Weight You Lose”

  • Hi. Thanks for your tips. The second tip is what I struggle the most with. I’m annoyed because I always gain the weight back so taking your blog to heart is an understatement. Thanks again!

  • Nice post! I have gained weight recently, but I struggle to exercise consistently. I think I suffer from the all or nothing mentality you mentioned. It is very discouraging. I’m trying to get more into the mentality of doing what I can and getting in some movement every day, but being forgiving toward myself if I don’t.

    • Thank you. The all or nothing mentality sucks for sure, but can be rewired. As another tip: you can work your way up to your exercise goal. Start small, and once that becomes a habit, increase it. Slow and steady wins the race, remember 🙂 Before you know it, moving your body will be second nature. You got this!

  • This was so well written and so informative!! I see clients fall down the “all or nothing” rabbit hole constantly, and it makes me so sad that they can’t see their own destructive habits! I’d love to pin this as well 🙂

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