The Easiest Way to Make Exercise a Habit

The Easiest Way to Make Exercise a Habit

We all know that exercise is beneficial for our bodies.

It can make you feel happier, it’s good for your muscles and bones, can help you sleep better, reduces your risk of chronic disease, and most popular benefit, promotes weight loss.

All of those great benefits should make any person want to exercise. But, as we all know, it’s definitely easier said than done. We start off strong by attempting to exercise throughout the week. We workout consistently for a week, or maybe even a few months, only to eventually find ourselves back where we were – sedentary.

What if I told you that another workout plan isn’t what you need to make exercise a habit? What if there was a (very simple) way to make exercise a natural part of your life without the struggle or overwhelm? Would you believe me? Keep reading for more!


Starting Small

In order to make execise a habit, you have to start small. No ifs, ands, or buts about it.

If you are new to exercise or you haven’t done any type of workout routine in a while, this tip can help you become consistent with exercise without feeling overwhelmed.

Going from no workouts throughout the week to 5 days a week overnight is unrealistic. You must work your way up.

Think about your overall fitness goal(s). Do you wish to lose fat? Are you wanting to gain muscle? Or do you simply want to exercise to reap its healthy benefits?

Now, think about what it will take for you to get there. How many days per week do you want to exercise in order to accomplish your goal? Once you have that figured out, cut down those days in half (or more than half if that’s what’s needed in order to gain long-term success).



Putting it into action


Let’s look at an example: When I started my weight loss journey a few years ago, my goal was to exercise 3 days per week. Being that I wasn’t active prior to my journey, I allowed myself to start small.

I set a goal to exercise 1 day every single week and made sure I accomplished it no matter what. It didn’t matter if I stayed at the goal for an entire month or two; all that mattered was the fact that I was moving forward.

It may not have been much to some people, but for me, it was everything. Eventually, exercise became second nature, and that 1 day increased to 5 workouts every week!

This method can easily be applied to your life and help you accomplish your goals as well. Just remember that small, consistent changes will lead to the bigger picture. Be gentle with yourself, make it happen, and never give up.

18 thoughts on “The Easiest Way to Make Exercise a Habit”

  • You work out 5 days per week??? wow, I wish I could stick to my 1 per week! 😛 My only way of make it happen is to go somewhere (like a gym) where I actually pay to exercise. The guilt of spending money on something I’m not using it’s the only way I have to really push myself into this!!! 😀

    • I worked my way up to 5 days when I started my journey. I recently gave birth to my son back in May, so I’m working my way back up to that. Right now, I’m exercising 4 days a week – so I’ll get there 🙂 Just like you will, too!

  • This is great advice and timing, if starting small now then come New Year’s Resolution time I should be well on my way to working out regularly.

  • Starting small is a great idea! For me, it’s not about how many times a week I exercise, but how long one session lasts… I just can’t motivate myself if I know that I have to work out for a whole hour! So I started doing a couple of minutes of yoga every single day. I guess everyone is different 😉

    • I love your method. That’s a great way to increase exercise as well! It’s good to find different ways that will help you achieve your goal 🙂

  • Yes, I totally agree. I did that too… start small. I wanted to get back into some sort of physical activity after having my kids. I picked running on my treadmill (as it was the most time-efficient workout, not having to leave my house!) My goal was to run every day to make it a habit. I started with 10 minutes a day and then gradually increased the time. It was hard at first but with persistence, it got easier!

  • This is good advice. I think you are right that when we say we will start exercising we go all out then within a few weeks we stop all together. I just need to start someplace I guess!

  • When I started my exercise journey I started with P90X and I just followed their outline. Then I just continue working out 6 to 7 times a week because I like the endorphin rush.

  • Starting small is so important! And this can look different for everyone. Starting 1 day a week is a great stepping stone! But maybe you commit to 5, 6, or even 7 days a week for just 20 min a day! Whatever your small is, go after it and master it! ❤️

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