I Drank a Gallon of Water For 7 Days: Here’s What It Did to My Waistline

I Drank a Gallon of Water For 7 Days: Here’s What It Did to My Waistline

Drinking water has never been a struggle area for me. That is, until I gave birth to my son in May 2019. What was once an easy task, became struggle city! 

My body (inside and out) suffered the consequences. I felt slugglish, my skin was dry, my belly was bloated AF!, and I just didn’t feel too great overall.

Before I decided to start my 7 day gallon of water challenge, I’d tried and failed numerous of times. Luckily, this time stuck, and I’m still going strong! 

Why your body needs water daily

Water is important and crucial for our bodies. Without it, our bodies won’t perform at it’s best. Many people think coffee is the answer on those tiring days, but it’s not. Don’t get me wrong, I love my coffee, too, but sometimes all our body needs in order to gain energy is water. 

If you want to flush out toxins, have your joints lubricated, show off glowing skin, and possibly lose weight, then what are you waiting for? Drink some water…now! 

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my water challenge results

my waistline was snatched 

Let’s talk about the obvious: my stomach isn’t flat, but the results I got just from drinking water for about a week gives me every reason to say my waist was snatched lol! 

Prior to starting this personal challenge, I felt so bloated and heavy. My face also carried some of that bloating, too. To my surprise, I was able to feel a difference in my stomach on day 2 of the challenge. My favorite leggings were a better fit as well.

increased energy

One of the things I realized during this challenge is the fact that it didn’t take long to feel the benefits. I noticed an increase in my energy on day 2 along with the waist difference. I usually feel pretty sluggish in the mornings, but I was able to get up and get moving a lot faster and easier. I also didn’t experience the evening crash as I usually did prior to day 1 of the challenge.

decreased appetite

I’m not a big eater, but I do tend to snack more than usual in the evenings and sometimes during the middle of the night. 

Increasing my water intake kept me from over snacking and I was even satisfied with what I ate every meal without the desire to go back for seconds…or thirds. 

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frequent bathroom trips

Many people are turned off from drinking water because of the constant bathroom trips. For myself personally, I honestly don’t mind it at all. For some reason- and call me crazy- it makes me feel healthy. Cleaned out. My entire body feels lubricated. 

Remember when I listed “removes toxins” as one of the benefits of drinking water above? Well, I’m sure this is when that process happens. There’s nothing better than knowing you are doing something good for your insides. 

Glowing skin

Aside from my decreased belly bloat, the changes I saw in my facial skin was another favorite benefit of mine. 

Luckily, I never struggled with acne in my childhood or adulthood (with the exception of a couple of pimples every blue moon), but the elasticity of my skin can sometimes be inconsistent. My skin will either look oily or dry. There is no in-between. 

Drinking a gallon of water daily – sometimes more – seemed to have balanced things out. My skin felt hydrated even before applying moisturizer, and it had this nice glow to it. At first, I thought I was seeing things, but the couple of compliments I got about my skin, said otherwise.

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We are all grown here, but I know this may be TMI for some people. #sorrynotsorry If it can help someone, I’m willing to share it. 

I’m pretty “regular” but that can change depending on what I eat and drink. When I think about it, it kind of makes sense. It can be hard to ‘go’ when you aren’t drinking enough fluids or eating the right food. 

Drinking the amount of water my body needed kept me regular and cleansed out. 

Check out this Water Intake Calculator

So…what do you think? Now that you have seen and read what drinking enough water daily can do for your body, will you take the pledge to ‘drink up’ with me? 

If so, comment “I’m in” below! If you’ve already adapted the habit of drinking water, feel free to share what benefits you are reaping from staying hydrated daily!

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