You Should Stop Using Your Fitness Watch During Your Workout If You Do These 2 Things

You Should Stop Using Your Fitness Watch During Your Workout If You Do These 2 Things

Fitness trackers can be a great addition to your healthy lifestyle and weight loss journey. 

It can be used to track the number of calories you burn, your heart rate, how many steps you take daily, and depending on the brand and model of the tracker, it can even track your sleep pattern. 

Although, there are many benefits of fitness trackers, there are a couple of ways listed below to know it’s time to take a break from using one due to the negative role it plays in your journey. 

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1. It dictates and questions your workout

I introduced my Polar watch about a year after I started my weight loss journey. 

It helped me physically see what my heart rate was during a workout, and how many calories I burned once I finished.

There was something satisfying about knowing I burned over 500 calories in under an hour. 

Seeing that number made me feel empowered and strong. 

That is, until the numbers became inconsistent.

I would bust my behind (or so I thought) during my workout routine. The sweat would be pouring, and overall I felt good. 

With anticipation, I would hit the stop button on my fitness watch, just knowing that I had burned a ton of calories. 

My heart would sink with disappointment when I saw anything under 400 calories burned. 

What once felt like a great workout, now felt in vain…all because of a number. 

It's just data

If you find my story relatable, it’s time to realize that the numbers are only data. 

Nothing more. Nothing less.

You shouldn’t allow the amount of calories you burned (or in my case, didn’t burn) make you question or dictate the quality of your workout. 

Instead, you should focus on how you feel.

If you feel good mentally and physically after your workout, that’s all that matters. 

If you know that you gave your all and did your best during your workout, don’t let a number change that. 

2. you feel like you can't exercise without it

Feeling as though you can’t exericse without your fitness tracker is another reason you may need to take a break from using it.

Thankfully, I haven’t struggled with this area, but I have witnessed enough people who do to know that it can be problematic. 

You shouldn’t feel unmotivated to exercise just because you left your fitness tracker at home.

When your fitness tracker dies during your workout, you shouldn’t feel like the rest of your workout is done in vain. 

Most people don’t start their weight loss journey using a fitness tracker; it’s something that is added along the way. 

Always remember that you can get in a good workout without your tracker.

You’ve done it before. You can do it again. 

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take a break and revisit

If your fitness tracker is the culprit of you not enjoying your workout the way you once did. then it may be time to take a break from using it. 

Moving your body should feel liberating.

A high calorie burn shouldn’t be the deciding factor of whether or not you had a good workout. 

Take a few days, or even a couple of months, away from your fitness tracker. 

During that time, allow yourself to get used to exercising without it.

You’ll find that the numbers on your tracker is only data and does not add or take away from your workout.

As I stated above, fitness trackers are a great additon to your fitness journey, but it has to be used in a healthy way. 

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