5 Apple Cider Vinegar Benefits For Weight Loss and Wellness That Actually Work

5 Apple Cider Vinegar Benefits For Weight Loss and Wellness That Actually Work

Apple Cider Vinegar has been a staple of mine for the past three years. 

It’s one of those things I can’t see myself living without. 

From the amazing benefits to the wine-like taste, I’ll always have a bottle stored in my cabinet. 

Seriously, it’s just that good! 

I’ve gotten several questions about how I use ACV (and why) from the very first time I posted it on my Instagram.

It doesn’t matter how many times I post about it, the questions never seem to go away, lol!

So, I figured this little gem deserves a post on it’s own.

1. Bloat be gone!

We all have those days where we eat a lot of carbs, sweets, and treats. 

Although it tastes good, the bloating I get the next day is something serious! 

Drinking ACV twice a day has helped combat bloating, and I don’t get that sluggish feeling as a result of eating too many carbs. 

I wake up feeling slim and trim.

2. dEcrease Appetite

Although I am a recovered late night snacker, I sometimes get the urge to reach for more food after dinner. 

But when I drink 1-2tbsp of ACV with water and lemon, it nips that urge immediately. 

The mixture helps me feel satisfied enough to keep me out of the kitchen late at night.

Now that I think of it, I’m sure the ACV helps with digestion, too! 

That’s an added plus! 

3. Reduces Belly Fat

To be completely honest, I’m not sure about the science behind this proven benefit, but I can attest that it actually stands true. 

I gave birth to my son May 2019, and didn’t reintroduce ACV to my diet until a few weeks ago. 

Since drinking it consistently, my belly feels more slim.

The same thing has happened in my journey in the past, but this time around I will be keeping track of my waist measurements to use for photo comparison. 

4. Relieves Stomachache

Although it hasn’t been proved scientifically yet, drinking ACV as a way to relieve my stomachache has worked countless of times.

I struggle with anxiety, and there are days (and even weeks) when I feel really anxious.

As a result, my stomach feels like it clenches up in a knot and gets filled with air bubbles that are hard to burst and leaves me in discomfort. 

Mixing 1tbsp of ACV with warm water helps a ton! 

Drinking this mixture always makes me burp a lot and soon after I feel much better.

I prefer natural remedies as opposed to over the counter drugs when possible. 

5. Combats Sore Throat/ Cold Symptoms

Whenever I feel a sore throat or cold coming on, I don’t hesitate to whip up my ACV concoction.

In a prepared mug of hot tea, I include 2tbsp of ACV along with squeezed lemon, organic honey, peppermint, and a cough drop.

I drink this at night before bed, and I swear to you that I wake up feeling much better!

Being that ACV kills bacteria, I have reason to believe it gets rid of all the stuff that makes me feel icky. 

How I prepare ACV for daily consumption

I drink 2tbsp of ACV every single day.

Morning “dosage” is taken on an empty stomach 30 minutes before eating breakfast:

  • 8oz hot water
  • 1tbsp ACV
  • half a lemon squeezed (optional)

I drink the second “dosage” after dinner, before bedtime. I use the same ingredients listed above. 

You can purchase ACV in bulk here.

Tips & Precautions

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