The Top Reason You’re Failing At Your Weight Loss Journey

The Top Reason You’re Failing At Your Weight Loss Journey

It’s an epidemic…

Many people believe their weight loss journey is only about physical changes.

They focus strictly on calories in, calories out, how many steps they took for the day, waist size changes, and that pesky, darn scale which often leaves them feeling discouraged and defeated.

There’s no wonder why many struggle with losing weight and keeping it off. 

Not only that, but they believe living a true healthy lifestyle is impossible or that it can’t be enjoyment.

Neither opinion is true.

It is time we shift our perspective and focus more on the areas that will help us live healthier lives–mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually…because it’s all connected.

Looking Outside The Box

By now, you may be thinking,

“My desire is to lose “x” amount of pounds in order to become healthy. What’s so bad about focusing only on the physical aspect of my weight loss journey?”

There’s nothing wrong with that outlook, per se.

But, allow me to share my weight loss experience with you in hopes that you will begin to understand my perspective. 

I lost about 60lbs after starting my weight loss journey in 2014.

I did the work (exercised six days a week).

I ate the food (that I secretly hated). 

And, I also got the physical results that many people wished to see in themselves. 

From the outside looking in, I was winning. 

I mean, I did lose plenty of weight and fit in skinny jeans for the first time, so why wouldn’t I be?

Although, I was proud of myself for hitting my weight loss goals, I couldn’t help but wonder why maintaining the weight I had lost was so hard. 

I also couldn’t understand why I continually struggled with emotional eating. 

And I sure as heck didn’t like the fact that I was yo-yo dieting every couple of months. 

The Missing Link

My entire journey (and even the way I viewed life) began to slowly change June 2017.

For the first time ever, I evaluated other areas in my life outside of fitness and the way I desired to look. 

I took a closer look at the areas I often neglected.

I began to focus on my spirual journey, which entailed journaling consistently and reading (and understanding) the Bible. 

I went on a quest and discovered the reasoning behind my struggle with emotional eating and late night snacking.

I let go of the desire to look picture perfect. 

And finally, I devoted myself to truly discover self-love. 

Many people may not think that doing these things are important, but trust me, they played a crucial part in my journey even to the day!

  • Journaling made me realize how internally broken I was and I began to slowly heal. 
  • I was able to connect the dots behind why I emotionally ate; I was overwhelmed every day in the evening which triggered it. 
  • I stopped being at war with my body, and chose to love it no matter how it looked at the moment.
  • And I finally learned to be content with the fact that I won’t look the way society says I should in order to be deemed as beautiful.

Once I tended to these areas in my life, I had a sense of freedom in my mind and also in my weight loss journey. 

I no longer depend on food to fulfill me, for the simple fact that I feel fulfilled within my life without it. 

Healing from past traumas helped me stop using food as a crutch. 

I also stopped viewing exercise as a way to lose weight, but as a way to increase my lifespan.

The Big Struggle

Many people don’t realize the (outside) factors that contribute to their weight and health issues.

You don’t struggle with emotional eating simply because you love food or because it’s a habit.

But instead, you’re more than likely using food as a way to shut out unwanted emotions or using it as a coping mechanism. 

In short, it is very hard to be successful at your weight loss journey without exercising your mental, emotional, and spiritual health as well.

These areas cannot and should not be avoided. 

In today’s society, food is the end all be all. 

A good time isn’t a good time without the presence of good food. 

But, it shouldn’t be that way. 

Many people rely on food to fulfill them, make them happy, fill their boredom, and get them through stressful times. 

I have reason to believe that that is the reason why losing weight, being healthy, and sticking to a fitness regimen is a struggle. 

It's All Connected

The physical aspect of your weight loss journey is only a small fraction of your actual journey. 

Instead of continuosuly focusing on how much you weigh, you should devote yourself by paying attention to the other important areas of your life. 

How is your relationship with your loved ones?

Is it strained?

Does it cause tension in your life?

Is it the very thing that leads you to stress eat?

How do you view yourself?

Do you believe you’re a mishap?

Do you think you are unworthy of love?

Are you mentally stable?

Figuring out the answers to these questions (and fixing them where needed) will help you have a sense of fulfillment without the presence of food.


A lot of the time people (and this included me at one point) are unaware of their unhealthy habits and patterns because they’re so focused on simply losing weight. 

But, what if I told you that your weight loss journey runs deeper than skin deep?

What if I told you that the solution to your unhealthy eating pattens lies within your every day thought patterns and habits?

What if I said living a healthy lifestle journey is possible and can be done comfortably once we stop allowing food to be our only source of fulfillment?

Would you believe me? 

If so, are you ready to work towards change?

I challenge you to begin to put as much effort into your emotional, mental, and spiritual health as you do for your physical health. 

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