The Mindset Shift That Will Change Your Weight Loss Journey Forever

The Mindset Shift That Will Change Your Weight Loss Journey Forever

What are your views when it comes to your weight loss journey?

Better yet -to be more precise- what are your views when it comes to the very thing that makes up a whomping 80 percent of your journey? 

This very thing is important and will either make or break you, and when done correctly (and efficiently) it will lead you to weight loss and good health. 

Have you figured out what ‘thing‘ I’m referring to, yet?

We’ve all heard of the phrase “You are what you eat.”

Yet, when it comes to healthy food, we tend to only utilize it as a way to either, 1) Keep our weight down or 2) We know it will promote weight loss.

(I may be a bit off with my opinion, but trust me, I’ve read and seen enough to know that a vast majority does this.) 

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In a society that’s constantly pushing weight loss and self-hatred, instead of good, long-lasting health and self-love, how about we switch our perspective.

Yes, if you eat healthy food (in a caloric deficit) you will lose the weight. 

But, let’s change our focus, shall we?

Healthy food is medicine. 

Food, in general, will either kill off disease or create it. 

So, instead of viewing healthy eating as either a chore or only use it as a way to lose weight, we should see it as an opportunity to prevent illness and disease. 

Take a motor vehicle, for example;

In order for a car to continue to run smoothly, it must have it’s quarterly maintenance. 

Even though there may not be anything wrong with the car at the moment, we do this preliminary routine to prevent damage or loss of performance.

The same action should apply to our overall health. 

No, we shouldn’t get quarterly oil changes (lol), but we should eat good quality food as a way to enhance our daily lives and prevent illness.

Switching our focus when it comes to eating healthy will not only lead to a lifestyle habit, but it will help us eat for a bigger purpose. 


There’s nothing wrong with desiring to lose weight, but don’t let that be your only motivation to eat healthy.

Do it because it will help you feel good internally and it will give you energy. 

Eat healthy consistently because it’s what your body needs in order to enjoy its true purpose.

Once you adopt this mindset shift, it will change the course of your weight loss journey forever!

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