How To Suck It Up And “Just Do It”: The Guide To Weight Loss And Good Health

How To Suck It Up And “Just Do It”: The Guide To Weight Loss And Good Health

‘ J U S T   D O    I T’

We hear this phrase a lot, but sometimes it’s hard to follow.

When it comes to exercise, nutrition, or any other area in your life that requires discipline, we should adhere to the phrase.

But, a lot of times, especially when life is hectic or stressful, we choose the latter.

We choose that donut (even though we know it doesn’t serve us). 

We choose to sleep in, even though we know we can get so much accomplished by waking up an hour earlier.

We choose not to exercise as we convince ourselves that we simply don’t have the time.

Why is it easier to choose the opposite of what we should be doing? You know, the actions that actually lead us away from our goal.

Hard or not - a choice is a choice.

It’s not always easy to choose the option that will help us in the long run.

Sometimes, depending on our current season of life, we just don’t feel like doing the right thing. 

And sometimes, not choosing the right thing is okay (occassionally) and can actually make you stronger when done appropriately. 

But, as you begin to think about it, whether you choose the right thing or not, you are still making a choice. 

Seriously. Think about it…

When you eat unhealthy food, you’re choosing to “just do it”, right?

When we snooze our morning alarm 5 times, it’s by choice, isn’t it?

We make the choice of skipping our workout multiple times a week; agreed?

No one forces us to do it. It’s just something we choose to do.

Why not have the same mindset when it comes to choosing healthy food, exercise, more sleep, etc?

Would you rather suck it up and choose the option that will serve you, or the option that will lead you away from your goal?

hard, but beneficial

Making the choice of what’s actually good for you can sometimes be hard, but beneficial.

It may seem like choosing the unhealthy decision at the moment is easier, but actually it’s not.

We do what we are accustomed to.

When you consistently make the decision that leads you away from your goal, it will unfortunately become second nature. 

Fortunately though, a new habit can be created.

Both decisions (whether healthy or unhealthy) aren’t easy, but the more you bite the bullet by choosing what’s beneficial, the more inclined you are to choose the better decision when faced with it in the future.

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